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A vacation

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An executive wanted a vacation and went to his boss and asked for an extra two
weeks, saying, “You know how hard I work and how I concentrate on my work.”
“That's just it-two weeks would be enough for you. With your ability to concentrate, you should be able to cram more recreation into two weeks than other people get into four weeks.”

휴가를 가려는 회사간부가 사장에게 정해진 휴가 기간보다 2주를 더 달라고 했다. “아시다시피 제가 얼마나 부지런하고 하는 일에 얼마나 열중합니까.”
“바로 그거라구. 자네라면 2주면 충분할 걸세. 그 집중력이면 남들이 4주이상 걸려야 할 레크리에이션을 2주 안에 압축시킬 수 있을 거란 말일세.”

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